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New Personnel and Elected Officers

Dear Members of ISCLH:

We are pleased to announce the results of the fifth biennial general election held last December. Now, after the Board of Directors approved the nomination by the Executive Committee, we are pleased to announce the new personnel—together with the newly elected officers (The term of service of the following newly elected officers is January 1st, 2022 to December 31st, 2023).


ISCLH Executive Officers 學會日常管理人員 (括號中爲所在大學及地區):

President 會長: CHIU Pengsheng 邱澎生 (Jiaotong, PRC)

Vice President 副會長: CHEN Shuang 陳爽 (Iowa, US)

Secretaries 秘書長: GUO Weiting 郭威廷 (Aix-Marseille, France)

Treasurer 財務長: CHEN Dandan 陳丹丹 (SUNY Farmingdale, US)

Editor 編輯: CHEN Li 陳利 (Toronto, CA)

The Committee on Research 文獻委員會:

Dr. ZHANG Ting 張婷 (Chair, Maryland, US),

Dr. Roy STURGEON 罗义 (Tulane, US),

Dr. ZHANG Yongle 章永樂 (Peking 北京大學, PRC),

Dr. YANG Songtao 楊松濤 (Henan 河南大學, PRC)

The Committee of Conference 會議委員會:

Dr. WANG Fei-Hsien 王飛仙 (Chair, Indiana, US),

Dr. DU Yue 杜樂 (Cornell, US),

Dr. XIA Yun 夏昀 (Shanghai 上海大學, PRC),

Dr. Tristan BROWN 張仲思 (MIT, US),

Dr. Meng Zhang (Vanderbilt, U.S.)

The Committee on Publication 出版委員會:

Dr. CAI Liang 蔡亮 (Notre Dame, US),

Dr. Jenny Huangfu Day (Skidmore, U.S.)

. NIE Xin 聶鑫 (Tsinghua 清華大學, PRC),

Dr. LIU Sida 劉思達 (Toronto, CA),

Daniel ASEN 安大年 (Rutgers, US)

The Committee on Development 發展委員會:

Dr. LAI Junnan 賴駿楠 (Fudan, PRC),

Dr. LUO Weiwei 羅娓娓 (Florida State University, US),

Dr. Jennifer ALTEHENGER 李悦歆 (Oxford, UK),

Dr. Jedidiah KRONCKE 鄺傑 (HKU, HK),

Jackson GUO 郭躍斌 (Toronto, CA)

The joint governing body of the Society consists of the Board of Directors and the Executive Council 學會最高管理機構由董事會和執委會聯合組成.

The Board of Directors 董事會 (in alphabetical order):

Jérôme BOURGON 鞏濤 (CNRS, France)

Thomas BUOYE 步德茂 (Tulsa, US)

CHAN Chun-Keung 陳俊強 (National Taipei 國立臺北大學, ROC)

CHEN Hwei-syin 陳惠馨 (retired, Chengchi 政治大學, ROC) (honorary)

CHEN Li 陳利 (Toronto, CA)

LIANG Zhiping 梁治平 (Chinese National Academy of Arts 中国艺术研究院, PRC) (honorary)

Kentaro MATSUBARA 松原健太郎 (Tokyo, Japan) (honorary)

Nancy PARK 朴蘭詩 (CSU East Bay, US)

Billy SO 蘇基朗 (Macau, Macau)

Matthew SOMMER 蘇成捷 (Stanford, US)

WANG Zhiqiang 王志強 (Fudan 復旦大學, PRC)

Robin YATES 葉山 (McGill, CA) (honorary)

Madeleine ZELIN 曾小萍 (Columbia, US)

ZHANG Taisu 張泰蘇 (Yale, US)

Plus the following members of the Executive Council 董事會成員還包含下列執委會成員:

The Executive Council 執行委員會: Dr. CHIU Pengsheng (President),

Dr. CHEN Shuang (Vice-President),

Dr. ZHANG Ting (Committee Chair),

Dr. WANG Fei-Hsien (Committee Chair),

Dr. CAI Liang (Committee Chair),

Dr. LAI Junnan (Committee Chair),

Dr. GUO Weiting (Secretary),

Dr. CHEN Dandan (Treasurer),

Dr. CHEN Li (Editor)



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