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Information about ISCLH Biennial Book Prize

Updated: May 6

Details about the ISCLH Book Prize for 2022-2023 (copyright year: Jan. 2022-Dec. 2023) will be provided in the call for submission to be released in November 2023. Below are some of the general guidelines for those interested in submitting their monographs.

Submission guidelines The International Society for Chinese Law and History (ISCLH) has established a biennial book prize for the monograph that has been published in the previous two years and made a major and unique contribution to improving understanding of Chinese law and history. Eligible monographs shall be based on original research on Chinese law in history, historical works with extensive and substantial legal analysis, or historically grounded legal studies comparing China and another society. We will consider monographs published in either English or Chinese, and books published in other languages will only be considered in exceptional cases when they are deemed to have made an extraordinary contribution to the field. The author and publisher in those cases will be required to provide additional proof. We accept both nomination and self-nomination from the presses/authors or other scholars. To apply, the applicants should send a short CV, a brief description of the book limited to three pages (if self-nominated)/ or a recommendation letter limited to three pages (if nominated by others) and an electronic copy of the publication to the prize committee by email. Hard copies might be required later for shortlisted books. Every even year, the prize committee will accept nominations till April 30 for the book prize. Books published from January 2022 to December 2023 (copyright year) are eligible for consideration and must be submitted before the deadline April 30, 2024. The prize winner will be announced before Thanksgiving of 2024 on the ISCLH website.

Contact Information Liang Cai

Associate Professor of History

University of Notre Dame



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