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New Publications: Macabe Keliher

We are pleased to announce the following new articles by Macabe Keliher. They are available on Macabe’s SSRN page:

  1. Macabe Keliher and Hsinchao Wu, “Corruption, Anticorruption, and the Transformation of Political Culture in Contemporary China,” The Journal of Asian Studies 75, no. 01 (February 2016): 5–18.

  2. Macabe Keliher, “Administrative Law and the Making of the First Da Qing Huidian,” Late Imperial China 37, no. 1 (2016): 55–107.

  3. Ke Li (Macabe Keliher), “Li zhe xingzhenfa ye: shiqi shiji zhengzhi fencing yu Qingchao xingzheng zhixu de jiangou [Li as Administrative Law: Political Stratification and the Construction of Qing Administrative Order in Seventeenth-Century China] (in Chinese),” Fudan Law Review 3 (2016).



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