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International Society for Chinese Law and History (ISCLH) Sixth Biennial Election 中国法律与历史国际学会2024年换届选举结果

The sixth biennial general election of the International Society for Chinese Law and History ended on March 30, 2024. After having verified the results and that the election process has complied with all the applicable procedures, we now announce the final results as follows:

The term of service of the following newly elected officers is from March 30, 2024 to the conclusion of the next election, which shall be held in two years.

(1) Directors 學會理事 (in alphabetical order)

Jérôme BOURGON 鞏濤

Thomas BUOYE 布德茂

CHAN Chun-Keung 陳俊強

Li CHEN 陳利

Xiaoping CONG 叢小平

Nancy PARK 朴蘭詩

Matthew SOMMER 蘇成捷

Zhiqiang WANG 王志強

Madeleine ZELIN 曾小萍

Taisu ZHANG 張泰蘇

(2) President 學會會長

Shuang CHEN 陳爽

(3) Vice President 副會長

Michael NG 吴海傑

(4) Chair of the Conference Committee 會議委員會主席

Yue DU 杜樂

(5) Chair of the Development Committee 發展委員會主席

Junnan LAI 賴駿楠

(6) Chair of the Research Committee 研究委員會主席

Tristan BROWN 張仲思

(7) Chair of the Publication Committee 出版委員會主席

Liang CAI 蔡亮

ISCLH Nominating Committee

ISCLH Election Committee



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